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  • Lubricants Minerals and Synthetic

    ((Production and distribution of each type of fluid for applications in mechanical and haulage))

    Fluids management

    The fluid management in all its stages ensures the obtaining of a custom product for each customer


    The excellent performance of our products are derived from highly specialized lab


    To deepen the range of products marketed by Lubritalia visit

    fluid handling

  • The importance of customization

    ((Even the chemical industry you can get a product "made to measure"))


    Communication between the laboratory departments guarantees the customization of products


    The suitability analysis provides a better matching of products to customer needs


    Careful monitoring during the industrial application allows the optimization of the product

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Chemical auxiliaries for the industry

Production of fluids, oils, lubricants and greases formulated for mechanical processing

Fluids for workers

the light and heavy industry service.

About Us

We look to the future sinking roots in the past

From steel to Metalworking

Lubritalia embraces all the main industrial sectors

Lubritalia ranks among the leading companies for the production of oils and lubricants for the steel industry, in particular fluids for metalworking. The spirit of innovation that has always distinguished Lubritalia, combined with great attention to quality of the finished product, leading the company to constant search for technological solutions increasingly effective and economically advantage for the customer.
So we summarize the Mission company of this production company Southern Italy, located in a strategic position, well connected with the main roads of Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria.

It extends its production to sectors:

  • plans rolled products: hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling, finishing (coating and protection)
  • metalworking industry: Machining with chip removal, plastic deformation of the metal processing, wire drawing and extrusion, roll forming, hydraulic fluids
  • Aluminium industry: Rolling, pressing and assembling
  • Copper industry: rolling, extrusion and molding


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  • biodegradable hydraulic fluids +

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  • Fluids for guides of machine tools +

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