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And 'the thinking heart of the company and the key to the success of each trial. The R & S Lubritalia workshop occupies an area of ​​over 500 square meters and is further divided into 5 areas:

  • QC MP, SL, PF
  • Customer Area
  • for standard test area according to official methods ASTM and UNICHIM
  • for testing according to internal methods Area (machines designed and produced internally by a workshop to simulate mechanical processes)
  • Area of ​​fine chemistry where new semi-finished and finished products come to light.

Lubritalia invests in research

The high performance of the products derived from the strong specialization of the Laboratory, boosted by industrial processes that become increasingly challenging.

cutting-edge tools

The Lubritalia laboratory invests on research and cutting-edge equipment.

Research projects

The labroratorio joined the Ministry of Education to actively collaborate in research projects.

Product Certification

The laboratory is responsible for checking the suitability of Lubritalia products.

Although belonging to different types, the Research & Development is in constant connection with the other segments of the workshop with the aim to continuously improve the product, by monitoring from production to that of use.

Lubritalia refers to ASTM and UNICHIM methods to test their products, ensure reliability and comply with the specifications imposed by the client.
Above example we have in fact among other tools in a salt spray chamber (ASTM B 117), a spray chamber (UNICHIM #457), a humidity chamber (ASTM D 1748).
Equally important is the realization of instruments to simulate the problems that occur in mechanical processing: to the right, eg., A machine which simulates the pollution of a supply tank of a machine tool with guide oil.

Analysis and Monitoring

The suitability analysis in the laboratory and monitoring during industrial application, are elements that denote the attention of a company that bases its work on customer satisfaction.

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