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Il Sole 24 Ore writes about us

More innovation to grow on foreign markets

From an article in “Il Sole 24 Ore Published on 05/03/2021

Established in 1977 in Palagiano, in the province of Taranto, Lubritalia Spa is a world reference in the supply of lubricating oils for steel rolling.

Lubritalia Spa was founded in 1977 in Palagiano, in the province of Taranto, with the aim of supplying lubricating oils for steel rolling to the largest producer in Europe, Italsider (now Arcelor-Mittal). Over the years the company has invested heavily both in the technological innovation of its "Research & Development" laboratory and in the training of all staff. Thanks to the quality work carried out over the years, new medium / large customers have been acquired and the range of products offered has also increased. The increase in work also made it necessary to double the production site, confirming the progressive growth of the company.

At an organizational level, the company has also obtained a tax deposit license. In order to constantly improve the quality level of the service offered, Lubritalia has also increased over time the number of specialized professionals employed (in particular chemists) and developed new products, also through projects shared with important Italian universities. Thanks to a targeted penetrative action on the national and international markets of aluminum rolling, the “Lubritalia” brand is recognized worldwide in the sectors of the specialization of fluids for the steel and aluminum industry and of emulsifiable oils. Its presence on foreign markets has grown and consolidated also through targeted international partnerships and agreements. Thanks to the high specialization of its staff, Lubritalia provides technical assistance on the plants of all the most important Italian steel and aluminum producers, such as, among others, Arvedi, Marcegaglia, Pilkington, Sideralba and Lamination thin. Lubritalia staff is also a point of reference for the main world producers operating in Mexico, Turkey, Russia, China, India and Iran (suspended for reasons of embargo). The progressive growth of the Apulian company, always projected on a continuous diversification of its business, experiences a moment of fundamental transition in 2008 when, to complete the range of products offered, it enters the motor oil and grease market by entering into exclusive distribution agreements. with some of the most important manufacturers in the sector, such as Gazprom-neft, Tamoil, Gulf, Texaco and Cogelsa.

The market

Since 2008, Lubritalia's reference markets have essentially been two, with different peculiarities and trends:

the market for special fluids for industry (specialties) and the market for automotive, hydraulic and greases (commodities) oils. The first concerns products with a high technological content, whose formulations are studied and customized in the company laboratories according to the specific needs of the customer, and are aimed at improving the production performance of the plants. The relative monitoring is carried out by Lubritalia technicians (in particular chemists) through a constant and professional presence and continuous control activities. This market is characterized by medium and large customers who produce steel, aluminum, coils, pipes and various industrial products. The competition is largely international and mainly represented by large companies. The technical and commercial aspects certainly represent factors of fundamental importance even if, even more than the price, it is above all the professional and competent technical assistance guaranteed to customers the real added value of high quality products such as those supplied by Lubritalia. The commodities market, on the other hand, is made up of third-party brand products (Gazpromneft, Tamoil, Cogelsa) standardized for various specific uses mainly intended for machinery and vehicles distributed by Lubritalia. The main products are intended for the automotive market: this is a standard offer, the counter-types of which are offered, with similar characteristics, also by different brands.

Strategies and challenges for the future

Productive diversification has been imagined and implemented along two guidelines which envisage new products for established customers and innovative formulations for developing markets. In the Lubritalia R&D Laboratory, new formulations are continuously studied and tested, with the aim of always being in tune with a constantly evolving market. The up-to-date and widespread technical assistance is also able to effectively contrast the competition on a strictly operational level. Research and the proposal of customized and highly specialized formulations have always been at the center of Lubritalia's action, strongly characterizing the company mission, historically attentive to innovation and experimentation, as a competitive advantage in which to constantly invest.

To continue growing in the next few years, the Apulian reality is looking with increasing attention to international markets and, in particular, to foreign countries in which Lubritalia is already present and imagines to further strengthen the market shares held also through a more widespread presence. of staff.

This is the case, for example, of Mexico, Russia, Iran, Turkey, China, Romania, Vietnam and India. The internationalization process is completed by a constant and targeted search for raw materials abroad capable of increasing the quality level of the Lubritalia brand formulations and / or reducing their industrial cost. Lubritalia SpA, with an entirely Italian heart, is a dynamic, flexible and, as mentioned, strongly oriented to foreign markets. The national market remains fundamental for the company, but it is clear that, in the next few years, the attention will be directed more and more to the global market, with the aim of seizing the numerous opportunities offered, exploiting the technical and commercial levers of experience. and professional competence. An added value destined to make a difference especially on international markets.

"The challenges that await us in the three-year period 2021-2023 - explains Marco Musolino, CEO of Lubritalia - are certainly important and ambitious, but we are ready to seize all the opportunities that will come from the markets in which we are already present and from those in which we plan to enter in the next few months ".

A challenge to be won, for which Musolino relies without uncertainty on the company's highly specialized human resources. They represent the real added value of the company, as they are equipped with knowledge and skills capable of solving any problem. Our staff has gained a high-level experience that will allow us, if necessary, to revise estimates, correct any errors or re-evaluate, in the right terms, unexpected scenarios by modifying, where necessary, strategies with due common sense, without for this to lose sight of the company growth which must - he concludes - have as a constant reference objective that of taking care of the customer and satisfying his every need.