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Industrial Fluids Management

Customer approach, Industrial Trial and Technical Assistance

The sales staff and the technical visit the customer in advance and perform preliminary talks concerning:

  • The production process related to the product of potential interest
  • Current monitoring procedures
  • Detection of current performance levels
  • Definition of the objectives of a product-test and timing
  • Definition of the potential evidence
    • Champion Supply, Technical Data, Safety Data Sheet, product information
    • Test Logistics
    • Monitoring during the test by Lubritalia and the Customer
    • Setting operating parameters
    • Tips to the staff for the 'optimal use of the product
    • Follow-up phase of delivery: product analysis, reports, etc.
  • Defining commercial details
  • Sampling of water, pollutants, etc.
These information are aimed both at the correct selection of one of our existing product that the development of a new product "tailor"

Analysis and Monitoring

The analysis of suitability in the laboratory and the monitoring during the industrial application phase, are elements that denote the attention of a company that bases its work on customer satisfaction.

Lubricant technical assistance

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