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production of lubricants for industry

About us

Lubritalia Spa is among the leading companies for production of oils and lubricants for the iron and steel industry, especially fluids for industrial metalworking.

The spirit of innovation that has always distinguished Lubritalia in the production of lubricants for industry, combined with great attention to quality of the finished product, leads the company to constant search for technological solutions increasingly effective and economically advantage for the customer.

Lubritalia headquarters and factory aerial view 2
Lubritalia headquarters and factory (aerial view)

So we summarize the Mission company of this production company Southern Italy, located in a strategic position, well connected with the main roads of Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria.

As we have anticipated, the core business of the company embraces the main industrial sectors, involving the sector of Flat laminates, the sector metalworking, of the processing of Aluminum e Copper.

In particular:

The fluids produced by Lubritalia are intended for the following sectors of the metallurgical industry

  • Flat rolled sector: Hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling, finishing (coating and protection)
  • Metalworking sector: Machining with chip removal, metal plastic deformation machining, drawing and extrusion, profiling, hydraulic fluids
  • Aluminum sector: Lamination, molding and forming
  • Copper Sector: Lamination, drawing and forming

Lubritalia exports all over the world

Lubritalia formulates, produces and exports its products all over the world

Lubritalia distributes the various product lines in Italy and exports to Romania, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, China, United Arab Emirates, India

Specialized in product customization

Lubritalia produces tailor-made fluids with very high lubricating power for very heavy machining.

The company can produce out of catalog customized products formulated to meet the customer's needs.

Some aerial shots of the company